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GKIST serves as a technology partner for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical companies, contributing to the transformation of the future landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.

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An encompassing pharmaceutical CRM system integrates a variety of technologies and products, supporting the prosperity of your business. Key technologies of interest to your client encompass cloud-based CRM platforms, mobile CRM applications, automated marketing tools, and data analytics software.


Cloud-centric CRM solutions provide secure and adaptable means for company data management, ensuring accessibility from any location. Furthermore, mobile CRM applications keep your team connected on the move, offering both online and offline access.


By exploring these diverse technologies and products, you have the opportunity to construct a holistic pharmaceutical CRM system tailored to your specific requirements, aiding in the realization of your business objectives.

Developed custom modules

CRM Visits (Web & Mobile App.)

Introducing our cutting-edge pharmaceutical CRM system, revolutionizing sales and marketing for medical professionals. Enjoy seamless work management, data-driven insights, and improved customer relationships. Our versatile mobile app keeps you connected and in control, even offline, ensuring productivity on the go. Say goodbye to paperwork and step into a smarter, more productive future with our tailored solution.


CRM Activities and Budget

Experience the future of pharmaceutical activity management with our integrated CRM Activities module. This comprehensive solution simplifies activity tracking and elevates budget management. Empower managers to effortlessly record doctors' services, conference contributions, and meetings, with precise budget calculations for each employee. Gain insightful cost analysis based on product and area targets, bidding farewell to budgeting complexities. Take control of expenses, optimize your pharmaceutical mission, and elevate activity management with unparalleled efficiency and financial clarity.

CRM Expenses

Meet our cutting-edge Expense Management Module, designed to simplify and streamline expense recording for personal and accommodation expenses across all employee levels. This robust tool not only tracks and categorizes expenses but also offers detailed cost analysis based on specific target areas and products. What sets it apart is its dynamic and customizable approval workflows, aligning with your organization's unique requirements and hierarchy. Accessible through our mobile app, this module ensures timely and accurate record-keeping, empowering your organization for greater financial efficiency and target-focused operations.

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CRM Coaching

Meet our innovative Coaching Module, a strategic tool designed to empower managers in orchestrating productive double visits with team members and evaluating performance. This module provides a tailored approach to coaching, allowing managers to efficiently conduct sessions during double visits and assign scores to specific performance points for each team member. With data-driven insights and adaptable features, the Coaching Module fosters continuous improvement and success. Empower your managers with the tools to lead, mentor, and elevate their teams, contributing to a more successful and responsive work environment.

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Built from scratch by our talented developers.

Full pharmaceutical relationship management software.

Manages all work details of pharmaceutical companies.

fully customizable to suit any business need.


pharmaceutical CRM software provides your business with several tangible benefits starting with the first basic steps to track every detail about performance and productivity...

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